Monthly Archives: January 2015

Rediscovering My Creative Passion Through Mindfulness

Don’t consume—create.

I’ve been repeating this phrase to myself for the past few days. After becoming aware of how much I “like”, “pin”, and thumb through the endless scroll, I’ve decided to create routines that push me to be mindful of what I’m doing and how I’m contributing to my self-improvement. I think creating is one of the greatest forms of self-improvement, whether you’re creating an app, a photograph or an essay. It’s a form of learning and I’m in the mood to learn more about myself and perhaps a craft. And while this self-imposed impetus has been a form of inspiration, it’s all been a source of anxiety. I want to contribute, I want to create, but what exactly am I creating?


This question has me thinking about my interests and, more importantly, my passions, because I do believe creation stems from passion and how we wield it. As a way to reflect on this, I’m actively trying to lower how much I use my smartphone, especially in the morning. I now wake up half an hour earlier, and begin my day thoughtfully. I used to wake up and immediately start seeing what people were posting on Facebook, Instagram, etc….but now instead of spending my time with the internet, I start my day with myself and my goals for the day. It’s a routine that I plan on sticking with and improving on.

But I still haven’t answered the questions: What is my passion and what do I want to do with it? I’m not sure just yet but I’m going to continue working toward the answer while being mindful of the question. Or rather, I’m going to follow Rainer Maria Rilke’s advice, and I’m going to live the questions and see what happens.

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