Local – Fourth of July Edition

Happy belated Fourth of July! I hope you enjoyed this past weekend’s festivities. I unfortunately had to work during the day, but come evening time, I was able to fit in a margarita, tacos, and fireworks! So, in the end, I think it was a pretty successful (though mildly hectic) Independence Day.

I started my day off at Good Cup, a local cafe, with a large Americano and the July/August copy of The Atlantic. Good Cup has recently become my go-to coffee spot before work. They always have great music playing and their coffee is well-served. I’ve only had the Americanos (they’re great!) but I hope to try out more of their menu items soon.

Good morning reads @ Good Cup

Work was crazy but I later met up with my boyfriend and family and we all got much-needed margaritas. We then went to La Super-Rica Taqueria (Julia Child’s favorite Mexican restaurant) and it was just what I had been craving. I really recommend the Chile con Queso as well as both the horchata and agua de jamaica. I actually ordered the latter as a dessert, it’s that sweet and refreshing!

La Super Rica has a simple menu loaded with authentic Mexican bites

La Super-Rica has a simple menu loaded with authentic Mexican bites

We tried watching the fireworks but it was so cloudy, so I unfortunately don’t have any obligatory-fourth-of-july-fireworks pictures. Instead, here’s a picture of my evening at the park on Saturday. I needed the rest!

Anyways, I hope you all had a relaxing and festive weekend.

Have a happy Monday!


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